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Decadent Body Oil

Liz Earle Superskin treatment oil for the body:

This newly released body oil is from the award winning British brand Liz Earle.

It is a heavenly, decadent scented oil with a beautiful rich nourishing texture. The oil is from the Superskin range and incorporates the well known botanical blend of cranberry, rosehip and borage. The scent has a distinctive 'Superskin' aroma; a heady fragrant element.

Its not subtle enough to disappear off the skin within an hour but lingers on your skin and clothes, in my case, my onesie (always fashion forward!). This is a quality I like, I'm not one for weak and feeble aromas but also dislike strong acrid, hits you in the back of the throat migraine inducing types! I guess my preference is 'middle ground'.

Superskin body treatment isn't an oil I'd apply in the morning before getting dressed but rather an oil for evening use; giving you enough time to enjoy the experience. It helps me unwind, has an almost calming effect, which I reckon is much needed in this otherwise crazy, fast paced world. It's as if the oil has more of an affinity with the skin than a cold body cream, especially when applied on a warm damp skin. It leaves my skin dewy, plump and intensely nourished. You don't need to use any particular massage techniques, just simply apply onto damp skin.

The bottle itself is rather elegant and stands out from the crowd BUT my only worry is its a glass bottle. Now, I know a plastic bottle wouldn't be nearly as sophisticated but I'm well known for my accident prone ways! So every time I pick up this oily, steamy (kept in bathroom) glass bottle it fills me with dread because at £35 for 100ml, its an expensive mistake to make. This 'issue' of mine probably won't be shared by others but I thought I'd just air my concerns anyway. Personally though, it wouldn't stop me from repurchasing in the future as its pretty damn awesome.

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