• Lisa Colegate

A Disappointing Experience

Unfortunately I have quite a damning report on this sheet mask. If the truth be known, I'm a little uncomfortable writing negative reviews but I guess if I want to be respected throughout the beauty blogging world, I must be frank and honest. Right, now thats off my chest, I'll carry on.

Firstly, I wouldn't consider myself as having an abnormally small face but by all accounts I did struggle putting this mask on. It was humungous!

The forehead was too high, the chin/jawline too long and the cheeks too wide! Yep, seriously BIG! To be honest it just hung from my face after a couple of minutes rather than hugging it, not really the desired effect I was after.

The mask material was courser than I'd previously experienced (not that I was overly bothered) but it ripped on application! Most importantly for me is it didn't retain its moisture; within 10 minutes it had dried out and was falling away from my face!

Ok, on a more positive note my skin did feel soft and plump after use, although after the above bad experience I wouldn't repurchase again. I realise all skin requirements are different , so I don't want to discourage anyone from having a dabble, as it could work a treat on a different skin type or face shape..

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