• Lisa Colegate

Gorgeous Pink Pot

I am beyond excited each and every time I receive my SBC Collagen gel through the post. I know it may seem a tad odd considering I've been using this product for several years now but this is my ultimate desert island/SOS treatment mask. Without this in my life, my world (OK skin) would spiral out of control.

This versatile pink vat of gorgeousness is a water based gel that deeply hydrates my 'highly strung' skin, resulting in a soft, fresh and happy complexion. It also efficiently erases any dehydrated fine lines, a quality that always keeps me coming back for more!!

I am also confident in the knowledge that it won't aggravate or cause congestion on my skin. So many other cream-masks cause me to break out; either because they are too rich or too active.

I feel I must point out as this stage that this gel does contain a small amount of alcohol; there are many of us who steer clear of this ingredient, including myself, although I can honestly say it has never caused any adverse reactions. The gel is lightly scented with an allergen free fragrance and I'm happy to report, it contains no parabens.

SBC Collagen gel can be applied all over the face and body as a moisturiser or serum, underneath your existing skin care. I prefer to use this gel exclusively as a gel mask, concentrating on my eyes, face and neck area. After acid or manual exfoliation I pop a thick layer (5-6 pumps) onto these areas and let my skin 'drink' it in. If I feel my skin has absorbed the product too quickly, I will re-apply until it feels suitably plump. Initially I was a little apprehensive when using this on my eye area (alcohol content) but I needn't have worried.

It instantly refreshes, calms and de-puffs.

Something that I think is worth mentioning is just how cost effective this gel is; which pleases my current frugal ways - I have wasted way too much money on unsuitable beauty products in the past!!

Its often packaged in a 500ml pump, which will last an average person an absolute age. I however seem to go through it within weeks, not that I feel overly guilty about this as it's not an extortionate price.

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