• Lisa Colegate

My search is over...

SPF - Its not an over exaggeration to suggest that its been a life long obsession of mine to find the perfect sunscreen! The search for an SPF that works with and not against my fair, delicate and often difficult skin is no easy feat! Many, if not pretty much all of them either aggravate my skin, bringing me out in sore spots or over load and cause congestion. It's definitely been a trial and error mission!! As I'm a frequent user of glycolic and salicylic acids it's imperative that I apply a daily SPF to protect my new fresh skin cells and also to protect against further pigmentation and sun damage. I'm out with my dogs on a daily basis, so I'm aware of the accumulative sun/ environmental damage. In the past I found that the majority of sunscreens were too heavy and just sat on the surface of the skin, creating an unwanted shiny appearance. My aim was to find a lotion that was light in texture, left no white residue, lightly hydrated, mattified and gave a good make-up base. Perhaps I was asking for too much...........well, that was until I found my 'Hero'!! Alpha H Daily Essential Moisteriser SPF 50 ticks all the boxes.........my search is over!! It works in synergy with my skin and I'm confident in the knowledge that it won't cause any unwanted skin issues. After cleansing and toning I pop a generous amount onto my face, neck and ears. I was taught from an early age to apply product to my ears as I have cropped hair and they are always exposed. This product is easily accessible from QVC and Beauty websites, it's not overly priced (thank god! I'm on a budget) and it lasts and lasts! I hope this blog has helped anyone out there with similar skin and SPF issues.

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