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Marvellous Moisturisers...

Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser/Gentle Exfoliant and Decleor Hydra Floral Light cream are my two Star skincare products. My love for these two are so much so that if I ever struggled to afford them in the future I'd restrain from buying chocolate and prosecco! (If you knew me well you'd realise how serious this statement is!). Its taken me many years to find the perfect skincare system to get my skin under control and I now know from experience that many other moisturisers can wreak havoc with my skin! A vast majority of face creams are too heavy, comedogenic, stimulating, or generally not suitable for my skin needs and for this reason I very rarely experiment with different moisturisers. I do however use a variety of treatments, oils and serums to amplify my skin care routine. The Alpha-H moisturiser has a beautiful light/fresh texture and is fast absorbing. Most significantly is that it contains 10% Glycolic acid, this may seem like a high percentage when applied to the skin every evening but the acid is suspended in the moisturisers comforting ingredients. You do feel a mild tingle when first using it but this subsides after a few days. This lotion has played a crucial role in keeping my skin clear and relatively even toned for over 10 years; I've also noticed that any blocked pores can be easily extracted when using this product. Decleor Hydra Floral light cream is well known in the beauty industry; the formulation has been tweaked several times over the years but for the better and still remains my go to day moisturiser. It has the most gorgeous 'wet' comforting but light texture and it intensely hydrates without being too heavy or sticky. Hydra Floral leaves my skin seriously plumped up and dewy; which is a must for my skin needs as I've always believed that hydration is the vital key to a youthful complexion.

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