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Tropika Coconut cleansing oil with olive oil

Tropika is a cruelty free British skincare brand that prides itself on using sustainable premium virgin coconut oil; adding different plant based extracts to each of their products. I'd like to start this review by mentioning Lisa from Tropikauk. What an absolute pleasure to talk to and I'm very chuffed that she reached out and introduced me to the world of Tropika Skincare. Even after airing my concerns over using a cleansing oil on my combination skin, Lisa reassured me and suggested only using a small amount at the beginning; just to see how my skin responded to the oils.

A company that recognises that their products aren't always suitable for everyone......is in my eyes a damn good one!! Now onto the cleanser. This silky oil has the most subtle exotic aroma and glides over the skin like a good cleanser should; melting away any makeup and daily grime from the skin within a matter of seconds. I was very excited to discover that when water is added the cleanser transforms into a beautiful light milky texture.

This can simply be splashed off with water but my personal preference is to use a super soft face cloth; I feel it just adds to the experience.........Ahhh to plumptious skin! I was initially very apprehensive to use the oil on and around the orbital area as this very sensitive area of mine can easily become irritated and inflamed.

There are only a handful of cleansers that I can use to remove eye makeup but I'm very pleased to inform you that this passed the test....... no smarting or stinging!! The most important outcome (for me) is this cleanser caused no jawline congestion or spots after a 6 week trial period. I say 6 weeks but my memory can be a bit sketchy, so could possibly be more!

Slightly off piste but I recently read a quote that pretty much described me to a tee............ (When I say "the other day," I could be referring to any time between yesterday and 15 years ago 😉). I'm sure this resonates with others; well at least I hope it does!! If you fancy checking this company out and I for one would recommend it their website is www.tropika.co.uk They are also on Instagram under tropikauk xxx

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