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Life is like a box of ....

The Natural Beauty box U.K. is a wonderful way to experience exciting natural, 100% cruelty free beauty; whether it be for the face or body, each of the products have been carefully curated to ensure the customer keeps coming back for more.

This is a monthly subscription beauty hamper that houses 5-6 niche British beauty brands; each with their own uniqueness. I've currently received 2 subscription boxes and each time I'm blown away by the quality of the ingredients and the heavenly scent that I'm greeted with when unwrapping the goodies - it feels beautifully indulgent ❤️

Variety truly is the spice of life and I personally feel this is where the Natural Beauty box stands proud above each of the other subscription boxes. These for me have never been enticing enough; if anything I feel they're repetitive and contain items that for one I'd never dream of purchasing or perhaps something I could easily pick up from the shops - where's the fun in that! Nothing quite piques my interest as a new and exciting British beauty brand or maybe one that hasn't been on my radar.

I desperately wanted to photograph all the beauties I'd received but 'fortunately for me' I've used the majority of them up, I think this is evidence enough of how much I've enjoyed each and every item.

Luckily I have pics from my Instagram page that I can share with you. The products vary from body scrubs, face moisturisers, mascaras, soaps, face masks, perfume, hair oil etc, etc ............I'm sure you get the gist............a purely scrumptious experience!

Not only do I adore this but it has also been featured in Elle UK 🇬🇧, plus each month there is an exciting new theme. I'm very happy in the knowledge that I'm supporting small UK businesses, there is so much talent out there!

It costs £24.95 per month (average box value is £50 and above) and is free delivery.

For more information pop to their Instagram page: nat_beauty_box


Website: www.thenaturalbeautybox.co.uk

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