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Oil of the gods

Apothaka Rebalancing cleansing oil - It'll probably come as no surprise that I'm loving this cleansing oil. Not only does it command attention with its plethora of intelligent balancing oils (high linoleic) but it is also beneficial for those with combination skin......music to my ears. However, don't let this factor fool you as its very capable of quenching a thirsty skin without leaving any unwanted oily residue in its wake.

I'm personally fascinated by all things aromatherapy/plant oils and their ability to treat different skincare needs and ailments; so as you can imagine I was over the moon when Natasha from Apothaka skin care reached out and asked if I'd like to try her new Rebalancing cleansing oil.

The fragrance is as I'd expected- a subtle aroma of geranium with a hint of lavender; making it a truly decadent experience. I've been enjoying taking a few uninterrupted moments to myself to truly experience this cleanser to the full. The ingredients are just too good to rush!

Apothaka cleansing oil has a silky texture - which is neither too light or too heavy. It transforms into a beautifully light milky texture on contact with water due to its plant based emulsifier (shake it to wake it). The oil cuts through makeup and SPF effortlessly, leaving the skin suitably prepped for the next step. My personal preference is to apply 3 pumps onto damp hands then gently massage over my face neck and eyes. I would apply caution if your eyes are sensitive to particular oils as this eye makeup removal method may not be suitable. However, I have particularly troublesome/sensitive eyes and I have not experienced any stinging or smarting. A ultra soft microfibre facial cloth is supplied with each cleanser and I must admit I love the feel of this on my skin, it really adds to the whole luxurious experience.

For more information go to: www.apothaka.com

**To celebrate her first year Natasha is currently offering discounts on her skincare range so go take a look**

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