• Lisa Colegate

Guest Post - Oil Review

I’m so excited at last to be able to share with you my Lovely friend Lisa @limeandlilac First Facial Oil ✨

✨I felt very honoured that Lisa asked me to test it which I have happily done & I can honestly say it’s a beautiful light oil, with a delicate lemon hue as seen in my 1st picture but despite it’s elegance it’s also deeply nourishing disappearing rapidly leaving the skin with a healthy glow, please see my 2nd picture. It’s fragranced subtly with the sweet yet slightly bitter orange honeyed notes of Neroli sitting in a spicy warm background of Frankincense the scent lingers just long enough to bring a smile to the lips then dissipates. I Love the fragrance of a product as every one is unique, for me it’s the signature of the creator ✨

✨When I see a picture of Lisa she always looks elegant & beautiful with a certain delicateness to her but don’t be fooled she’s a strong fiery character, well her First Oil matches her perfectly beautiful elegant & delicate but it packs a nourishing punch for the skin✨

✨While testing in this winter weather & going out I have used my usual moisturiser over the top, if I’m staying in I just use the oil. During the warmer months I think this oil will be equally fabulous I can see me using it in the heat as it’s so light a great one to take on holiday in my opinion it definitely requires a trip to Venice to verify that✨

✨I will leave Lisa to inform you of the full ingredients. Definitely one to try in my opinion✨

✨No filters used on the pictures✨

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